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Disc Technology

Arkal’s distinctively developed disc filtration technology operates using thin, colour coded polypropylene discs of specific micron sizes. A series of these discs
are stacked and compressed on a specially designed spine, and are diagonally grooved on both sides and fixed in opposite directions. The grooves of any two
adjacent discs, pressed together, create a series of crossing points which form multiple particle traps.
In the filtration process, the force of the spring along with the differential pressure firmly compresses these discs together, providing exceptional filtration
efficiency. Filtration occurs as water percolates from the outer diameter to the inner diameter of the filter element. Depending on the micron rating, there are
multiple crossing points in each track, creating distinctive in-depth filtration.

Filtration spectrum

A decision-making framework to Discover the real challenge, Diagnose the root cause, co-create the optimum Design and Deliver measureable results.


  • Key Business Driver(s)
  • Critical Success Factors
  • Performance Metrics & Areas of Concern


  • Site visit
  • Identifying and Quantifying the Problem
  • Identifying the Assessment Criteria


  • Inclusive Options Development
  • Concept Designs and Pricing
  • Options Assessment Workshop


  • Project Delivery Methods
  • Preliminary Design & Pricing
  • Implementation & Evaluation

The 'Ami4D' experience is a no-obligation, proven decision-making framework that engages with key stakeholders and helps customers navigate the process of making a complex purchase, through Discovery, Diagnosis, Design and Delivery.

Amiad has a number of world-class proprietary products and access to a variety of technologies, which may be options to consider along with those developed by you, the customer.