Amiad University - Victoria 2017, MCG

To begin the year, and reignite the start of the Amiad University series again for 2017, Amiad Australia brought the Amiad University to the Melbourne Cricket Ground at the beginning of March.

The 2-day event featured the staples that have made the Amiad University series so renowned over the previous 7 years, with sections devoted to all categories in which Amiad operate in Australia.

Day one began with Filtration Product Manager, Dale Harris, explaining the attributes of Amiad’s intuitive suction-scanning technology to the audience (please click ‘Gallery’ below for photos) and Arkal Product Manager, Eyal Avriel, demonstrating the capabilities of the Arkal SpinKlin disc filtration technology in comprehensive 3 hour sessions on the attributes and applications of filtration & disc filtration technologies.

Attendees were then treated to a tour of the MCG & an evening dining at the great stadium before reconvening for day two. This day went further to include sessions on the integration of these different technologies as well as a talk on the purpose and effective usage of air valves and automatic control valves in filtration systems, too. As we were at the MCG, we also had the opportunity to take attendees on a guided tour of the MCG’s Water Recycling facility.

It was remarked upon how interesting it was to see such a complex system and how it operated within exceptional constraints, producing over 600 kilolitres of recycled water per day for a variety of different uses both in the MCG and the surrounding areas. The group were taken through the treatment process which consisted of a phase of screening and grit removal, followed by biological treatment, chemical treatment for phosphate removal, filtration via membrane bioreactor (MBR), ultrafiltration (UF), ultraviolet disinfection and chlorination. There was even the chance to see how our SAF (semi-automatic) filter fit into this process at the site.

Thank you again to all our guests for making the time to attend.

To register your interest in our next Amiad University in your area, please email Chris Langan, Marketing Coordinator at Amiad Australia, or contact your local Sales Representative.

Amiad at the MCG

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