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Fertigation Injectors

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Amiad Fertigation Injectors are your key to higher yields and healthier crops.

Amiad's Fertilizer Injectors bring accuracy and efficiency to the various needs of agriculture fertigation. As a method of applying fertilizers and chemicals via the irrigation water directly to the crop roots, the development of the fertigation method caused a giant productivity leap in modern agriculture.
No more waste of expensive chemicals, labor and machinery. No more uncontrolled pollution, unnecessary soil compress and crop damage.
With the proper fertigation equipment, fertilizers can be applied together with the irrigation water so wherever the water goes the fertilizer goes with it. With fertigation fertilizer is applied only where needed, when needed and in the proper doses and quantities.
Amiad's Fertilizer Injectors line is a family of various fertilizer injectors supporting fertigation needs in field crops, orchards, vegetables, horticulture and greenhouses and even in gardening, golf courses and municipal landscaping.